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Our team of RICS registered experts provide property valuations to banks, building societies and buyers.

Valuing a property in the Bristol, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and North Somerset area requires knowledge of local market forces and an assessment of the property’s condition. Skysurvuk’s Chartered Surveyors are perfectly placed to value your property, no matter the reason.


Mortgage valuations

A mortgage valuation is for the benefit of the mortgage lender. As the house will be used as security for the mortgage, it is designed to give enough information for the lender to decide whether the property is safe to lend on.

Shared Ownership/Help to Buy

Staircasing is the process which allows you to buy a greater proportion of your home. You would have already bought a percentage of your home as part of your shared ownership agreement but now wish to increase your share or buy the remaining proportion. We offer professional and RICS regulated property valuations carried out by our Chartered Surveyors.

Probate valuations

Probate valuations are required to establish the value of property assets in an estate. They are important in establishing if and whether any Inheritance tax needs to be paid which can have a significant impact on the eventual sums passed to beneficiaries.

Cheerful Seniors

Repossession valuations

Working in conjunction with banks and building societies we offer speedy & professional repossession valuations on properties. With extensive local area knowledge and valuation expertise, our repossession valuations service is both efficient and cost effective.


Private valuations

If you are thinking of selling your property and would like to know its current market value before making a decision we offer a fast independent property valuation service. As independent Chartered Surveyors based in Bristol we see a wide variety of local properties. Our prices are always competitive and unbiased.

There are a whole host of reasons why you might need a property valuation. If you are looking for a property valuation in the Bristol, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and North Somerset area don’t hesitate to contact us.


One of our reliable, impartial and professional surveyors will use their experience and local knowledge to gives you an accurate property valuation, highlight any obvious defects and estimate re-build costs.


Our surveyor will be based within 25 miles of your property, so that you can be rest assured that they can give you a local valuation of your property.  













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Our valuations are approved for Help to Buy & Shared Ownership

To get in touch, please call us on 03333 11 10 10

Call 03333 11 10 10

SkySurvUK is a brand name of SkySurvUK Ltd. Registered office: 3 Beverley Close, Bristol BS5 8QJ.

Registered in England (No. 08078026)

VAT Registration Number 265 9372 66


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