Thinking of moving to Bristol?

If you’re selling your house in Bristol, or are thinking of moving to Bristol at the moment, you’ll know how red hot the property market here is. Those of us that have moved here, or have lived here for a long time, know what a brilliant city it is to live in and raise our families. We know how there’s wonderful things to do with children of any age. Whether it’s things to do when it’s raining, or when it’s too hot, we are spoilt for choice. If you want great places to explore with a tiny baby in tow, or with a crawling baby, or for a family lunch, there’s loads of options.

The harbourside is yours to explore whether you’re running round it with a group of running mums, or strolling around it with visiting family and friends. Our green spaces, parks, woods and picnic spots are plentiful and beautiful.

We’ve got free museums, galleries and all the carnivals and festivals that a city like London or Manchester has. You can be in Bath in 20 minutes, the Devon countryside or on a beach in Wales in an hour. And you can get to London for a 9am meeting without much trouble (and in a couple of years, you’ll be able to commute there in less time than it takes to get to the City from Surrey, if you want to).

Yes, public transport, residents parking schemes and schools can be a mind-bender, but they are all problems we solve with conviction and the support of one of the best communities (on and offline) that the UK has to offer.

And if you want pubs and bars to explore on nights out, or incredible food, we’ve got that too.

Eleanor is a a mother of two, writer, blogger and, big fan of Bristol. She was recently named one of the top Bristolians to follow on Twitter by Best of Bristol. The Bristol Parent is in the Tots 100 Top 500, and in the top 250 of the KidRated Parent Blogger index. For more articles like this please visit her website: here

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