Why choose a Survey?

As I type I can see sunlight coming through my office windows indicating very much the seasonal changes we are currently experiencing. In the property world as in every walk of British life we are gearing up for the changes as the warmer weather is followed by an increase in residential property sales, DIY & home improvements and even those all-important gardening jobs that will see many of us spending Easter weekends in garden centres across the UK.

I am constantly talking to our clients about their plans for a new property and many even after only one or two visits are imagining remodelled living spaces and new features. It is important to plan and discuss any significant work or major concerns with the correct professionals as mistakes can be expensive.

For those of us living in older housing it is equally important to know what potential pitfalls lies ahead even if we are not planning to change anything. Living in a Victorian terraced house I have had to have walls re-plastered and damp-proofing as well as installing new windows and doors in the six years I have been here as remedies for a pre-existing damp problem which started as a small spot then circulated. Talking to friends about this has only proved that I am not alone in having these issues with this type of housing with one acquaintance describing his home as an endless money pit!

Buying your first home or moving onto a new one is not a cheap exercise and all the more reason to have reassurance that you’re forthcoming investment in bricks and mortar is a sound one. Getting a professional survey will help you enter into negotiations armed with the information you need to help you decide and as a bonus can also help you renegotiate the asking price potentially saving you money and possible future expense.

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