Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017

I think we can all agree that it has certainly been an eventful year. The biggest shocks have been in politics both with our country making the (still disputed!) decision to choose Brexit and the election of Donald Trump across the pond.

Quite noticeably this was a bad year for the pollsters and pundits who appeared to fail in their predictions on both occasions. In the case of the EU vote the result even appeared to catch Team Brexit by surprise and for a few days after the results were announced the country appeared collectively to lose the plot with bitter recriminations and arguments dividing friends, families & work colleagues and Machiavellian manoeuvring amongst Labour and Conservatives over party leadership.

It is still too early to see how this all plays out and it will be interesting to how the markets react when as expected Theresa May triggers Article 50 at the end of March. With regards to the property market, in Bristol estate agents are bullish in their forecasts for steady growth in 2017 although nationally there is still some post-Brexit uncertainty and the consequences of April's stamp duty change for buy-to-let investors are still being felt.

New developments are still being planned and built across the West Country and at SkySurvUK we still continue to see a steady stream of property buyers moving out of London as well as local demand keeping things buoyant. Interestingly enough we also saw buyers from the Bristol area increasingly looking at the cheaper and easily commutable towns and villages of South Eastern Wales as a cheaper option which I think will continue to increase for those priced out of Bristol. I am predicting that this will increase in 2017 as affordability continues to be an issue with other areas such as Weston-Super-Mare & Worle also benefiting from similar attention.

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